by Emma Alford

Read this review of "Stamped"

Check out this review of Stamped over on Ink foam. Thanks for the love from blogger and friend Laura. Be sure to dig in to all of her reviews, she clearly has great taste in books. 

Stamped didn’t just make me cry; it left me in pieces, fighting huge gasping-for-breath sobs that wouldn’t let up for the rest of the day. This collection will affect anyone who has felt loss, and anyone who has ever had a truly close best friend. By the end, you will feel like you just ran a marathon.
— Laura Cato (Ink Foam)

Cross-ties that bind.

Tomorrow I am heading to my hometown's arts and jazz festival, Crosstie. The small, one-day festival is nestled in front of Cleveland, Misssissippi's courthouse. 

I will be featured at the events Mississippi Authors table alongside some other great and talented authors from across my home state. Funny story, when I was in elementary school, I competed in the festival's yearly poetry competition. One year I wrote a poem about pollution in the Mississippi River and I suppose it that year it was worthy of a ribbon. I'll share it here.


I will be selling and signing my book. If you by some strange circumstance find yourself in Cleveland tomorrow, stop by and say hello. Plus, Clarksdale's Juke Joint Blues Festival is this weekend and if there is ever a reason to visit the Delta, that's it. Cleveland is only a hop and a skip down 61. 




The East Nashvillian features "Stamped"

The call came at 3 a.m., a time of day when phone calls rarely bear good news.

     A little more than five years ago, East Nashville writer and poet Emma Alford was at her boyfriend’s house in her hometown of Cleveland, Miss., when her ringing phone woke her at that wee hour from a restful sleep. By the time she had finished hearing what her best friend’s sister had called to tell her, more than Alford’s sleep had been disturbed.

     Much more.

     “When you get a phone call like that at 3 in the morning, you know it can’t be good,” Alford says of the moment she had learned that her absolutely best friend, Cassidy Grant, had been in a car accident and suffered severe brain injuries that would lead to her death just a few days later. “It completely shook me, I was very numb. I was sick to my stomach and really, really angry at that point — and then it turned to sadness.”......

Check out the rest of this lovely explanation of my book here. 

Pressrun ends soon

This note is to announce to friends and acquaintances that my poetry collection from Finishing Line Press, Stamped, is coming out this winter—the perfect time to sit down with some hot coffee or tea with something new to read.

In September I announced that my chapbook, Stamped, was being published. In case you intended on buying a copy but haven’t gotten around to it yet—now would be a propitious time to do it. The number of copies sold before November 25 will determine the size of the pressrun, which I hope will let you forgive this gentle reminder. 

If you’ve already ordered Stamped, my sincerest thanks. In that case, would you please consider passing along the message to a friend who might be interested in the collection? You can expect your copies to ship the week of January 16th. You can learn more about the book at my website Thank you so much for your support!

Also, my publisher offers discount to wholesale buyers, 30% for 4 or less copies, 40% for 4+ copies.

There are multiple ways to purchase Stamped:

Online here.

By email:

By mail order: Provide the information below and mail to Finishing Line Press along with a check or money order

Please send me ______ copy(ies) of Stamped by Emma Alford, at $14.49 per copy plus $2.99 shipping.

Enclosed is my check (payable to Finishing Line Press) for $__________

Please send check or money order to:
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