by Emma Alford

The East Nashvillian features "Stamped"

The call came at 3 a.m., a time of day when phone calls rarely bear good news.

     A little more than five years ago, East Nashville writer and poet Emma Alford was at her boyfriend’s house in her hometown of Cleveland, Miss., when her ringing phone woke her at that wee hour from a restful sleep. By the time she had finished hearing what her best friend’s sister had called to tell her, more than Alford’s sleep had been disturbed.

     Much more.

     “When you get a phone call like that at 3 in the morning, you know it can’t be good,” Alford says of the moment she had learned that her absolutely best friend, Cassidy Grant, had been in a car accident and suffered severe brain injuries that would lead to her death just a few days later. “It completely shook me, I was very numb. I was sick to my stomach and really, really angry at that point — and then it turned to sadness.”......

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