by Emma Alford

Cross-ties that bind.

Tomorrow I am heading to my hometown's arts and jazz festival, Crosstie. The small, one-day festival is nestled in front of Cleveland, Misssissippi's courthouse. 

I will be featured at the events Mississippi Authors table alongside some other great and talented authors from across my home state. Funny story, when I was in elementary school, I competed in the festival's yearly poetry competition. One year I wrote a poem about pollution in the Mississippi River and I suppose it that year it was worthy of a ribbon. I'll share it here.


I will be selling and signing my book. If you by some strange circumstance find yourself in Cleveland tomorrow, stop by and say hello. Plus, Clarksdale's Juke Joint Blues Festival is this weekend and if there is ever a reason to visit the Delta, that's it. Cleveland is only a hop and a skip down 61.