by Emma Alford

Stamped by Emma Alford

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Stamped by Emma Alford


Price includes:


-will be signed and have a special fact about my friend, who the book of poems is about. 

-a vintage postcard for you to send your own letters to your best friend.


In “Stamped,” Emma Alford creates poems in response to postcards from her late best friend, capturing the nostalgia associated with a friendship cut short too early. These poems pull readers into the friendship between these two young girls. 

Emma Alford’s first book, Stamped, is a beautiful elegy. Expertly rendered through a series of poems that transforms a friend’s postcards into a means of coming to terms with loss, this collection participates in the great tradition of English-language poems that celebrate and mourn best friends lost too soon. This is a deeply moving book and one I will read and re-read for years to come.

-Michael Smith, Author of Multiverse and Byron in Baghdad.

Stamped, a touching hybrid chapbook of poems and postcards commemorating a beloved friend. This debut collection, born out of grief, brings to life a vivid friendship and an irrepressible girl who was "just so quick to love."

- Ann Fisher-Wirth, Author of Dream Cabinet and Carta Marina

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